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When it comes to designing new buildings I believe in deep knowledge of spatial context, understanding how people use space, and applying the principle of sustainable design.
Restorations and renovations of historic buildings are particularly interesting for me, as I get inspired by the concept of creating new life in places that hide within them stories of the past. Balancing the restorations with the adaptation of space to receive new users  is key to my design approach. 
Lighting design completes my projects. Light becomes a design tool that celebrates the architecture of a building during night time. 
Since 2010, I have designed and participated in the design of houses, office, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as hotels and other types of touristic accommodation. 
I am an Architect since 2009, having graduated the School of Architecture of the University of Patras. Furthermore, I hold a Master of Arts on Lighting Design from the Open University since 2015.
Please see link for my full portfolio of works